YouTube Demonetized my Channel and Removed my Ability to Contact Them


I wanted to mention in the title that my channel's been monetized again to keep this from sounding clickbaity, but it was too long. Sorry. The fact that YouTube removed my ability to contact them seemed more important. Email YouTube's Creator Support Team: Sorry about the low quality of this video, but its production was done at the expense of production on my regular videos and I couldn't afford to spend more time on it than necessary. Also, some of the audio had to be recorded in a different room in my house because of other problems I'm dealing with at home. Sources YouTube Help Page Community Guidelines Help Thread on Reused Content 1 Help Thread on Reused Content 2 My Help Thread on Reused Content Reddit post About Reused Content: Jafet Meza got Demonetized Wawamustats got Demonetized Dean and Stuff go Demonetized Channel Awesome's Where's the Fair Use Video YouTube fixed one of their broken systems Sounds rumble.wav by Corsica_S Crushed Can.wav by husky70 Soft drink by jmayoff Bean Can Opening pt2.wav Angel_Perez_Grandi Bean Can Opening.wav by Angel_Perez_Grandi titleflight-paint-splat-spill.wav by newagesoup ( Heavy Impacts by RICHERlandTV Wooden Thud (Mono) by Breviceps Short, definite fart by ycbcr #dekafkafyyoutube #reusedcontent #demonetization