Vitalik Replies to Ethereum Haters on BTC Reddit


Today I want to talk about Vitalik Buterins comments this morning on the BTC Reddit. After ETH price took a hit this past week and worries about ETH's scalability due to heavy network congestion, it seems the founder of Etheruem Vitalik Buterin believes its an appropriate time to fire back some shots at the non believers. What do you think does this signal confidence or fear in the future of Ethereum? Leave a comment below. " 'So no worries, Ethereum's long term value is still ~0.' -Greg Maxwell, CTO of Blockstream and opponent of allowing Bitcoin to scale as Satoshi had planned" - Join Bitconnect. Earn daily profit Gain access to the community - Start mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Join Genesis now! Use promo code zM3Ejh and get a 3% discount: Join Hashflare. Start Bitcoin Mining Now! - Follow me on - Get 25% off Cryptopay. The best Bitcoin debit card Indacoin a fast way to buy Bitcoin Ethereum with debit card BitBay. Exchange BTC and LTC with no verification. Donate Bitcoin (BTC): 1Ef8Dymfdxb9qVfRevqzGQGFCPRr4nFG5r Donate Ethereum (ETH): 0x3A30BE23b9B2A7c4F59bBBf4B54eF166329c8ddF