Vitalik Buterin | Hard problems in Cryptoeconomics | Taipei Ethereum Meetup #2017-2


Speaker: Vitalik Buterin Vitalik is the founder of the Ethereum, a cryptocurrency network, and involved into Bitcoin magazine since 2011. Currently, he leads Ethereum research team, working on building the new version of the Ethereum. We are so glad to invite him to present the topic "Hard problems in cryptoeconomics". This would include PoS, scalability, truth oracles, formal verification, privacy, gas limit policy and other issues. Come and enjoy the talk. Agenda - 19:30 (UTC+8)~ 21:10 Hard problems in Cryptoeconomics by Vitalik - 21:10~21:20 Break - 21:20~21:50 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance by Andrew Keys Location Find us at 3F, No. 153, Section 3, Xinyi Rd, Da’an District.