Tether USDT will BURST the Bitcoin BUBBLE!!! | Vitalik Buterin’s Mastercoin Analysis predicted it


This is not FUD rather detailed analysis … Tether will cause the collapse of the Bitcoin Bubble within a few months. If you don't believe me read Vitalik's paper from 2013 he laid out a plausible crash for Tether. I recommend protecting your positions, and take appropriate risk precautions. Tether is perhaps the most clever Crypto Ponzi ever created, with much more potential damage than Bitconnect as it is used to exchange BTC for Fiat at many exchanges. I predict a 80-90% pullback on BTC and all coins when Tether (USDT) collapses. Please donate to this Channel, I won't be doing any referrals or sponsored videos. So any contribution is appreciated as the only other revenue will be Google Ads. Bitcoin Cash (Funds for channel to upgrade video equipment- Goal is Macbook 2017 and Mac Pro 2013): 15Az44BAXpvwcvoAFZDnJivSLM8nq5t7a6 Litecoin (Lets all donate to charity, every small bit helps even a few Litoshis. I will donate to United Way once a month in a Video): LdV8yKVKTH8zbgNy9AfPa4zmXi6GZucent Follow me on Instagram: @tofferwayne or Steemit @tofferwayne and Twitter @TofferWayne *I only recommend companies and products I personally use, and any donations in Bitcoin Cash help to pay for content creation. Thanks! I am not a financial professional, rather a casual investor like you, take these comments as my thoughts only not investment advice.*