REAL Bitcoins and Ethereum coins for collectors!


What a great gift idea for the investor, collector, or techie on your holiday shopping list! You can get BITCOINS to display to your friends, family and coworkers! The Official Limited Edition Bitcoins and Ethereum coins for 2017 re collector's items for people into crypto currency. They were minted in limited production for 2017 - the biggest year ever for Bitcoin and Ethereum to date with 1000%+ increases if you invested early- from the oldest privately held mint in the US. The production run was only 150 per coin, so order QUICK at There are two case options. The Executive package comes with the floating coin frame. The Collector and Investor collections come with a coin stand. They are available in 24k plated gold or .999 silver plated. Marvel at the accuracy of each peak and valley giving great depth and precision on each Ethereum and Bitcoin. Every great collector's coin worth collecting has a story. Our collection is no different, from the Latin inscription on the coin's rocker, to fine detailing of the globe and blockchain. Each coin towers over the competition with a 2" diameter vs. the common 1.5" diameter. The weight is nearly double of any other coin similar on the market. Each Bitcoin or Ethereum coin is available in either .999 Silver Plated or 24k Plated Gold. Made in the USA.