Pt 2 Electroneum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are all doomed because of… HASHGRAPH


Based on this Articles listed in the description, The blockchain, the super secure highway all Crypto Currencies are traveling on is doomed to fail. There are inherent flaws in the technology and its rival HashGraph will eventually replace it. How will this affect Bitcoin and other Altcoins especially Electroneum which is supposed to be our saving grace. Compound Your Bitcoin: Follow/Hire Me: #1. Create an account and buy bitcoin @ #2. Create a 100% FREE Account with USI-TECH: #3. Follow these step by step videos to fund your USI-TECH account/buy USI-TECH coins: #4. Join Crypto All-Stars on FaceBook Store your Currency with a Ledger Nano Wallet: “Buy” Electroneum here on Cryptopia Exchange: Hash Graph: Some footage borrowed from: Mike Maloney Secrets of Money 8