My Top 2 Best Ethereum ICO 📈 Picks For December 2017 [note: NOT SPONSORED] (The Cryptoverse)


Story - Quantstamp, the solution to Smart contract security For the record, nothing in today’s episode is sponsored in any way. Quantstamp is going to be 2 things. 1 is an app that will run security audits on Ethereum based smart contracts to check them for holes and bugs. Every Ethereum smart contract needs this so there’s a lot of potential customers. This process is also largely done by people right now which is slow and there’s a serious shortage in the number of qualified professionals in this area, so an automated tool solves a big existing problem. The 2nd thing Quanstamp is going to be is a stamp of credibility. If your smart contract passes the audit it will be given the ‘Quantstamp’ as a sign that you have taken steps to audit your code. And a final note on this is that it’s not just an automated system. They are building up a second layer of professional human security auditors who will earn bounties for finding bugs in smart contracts. Their crowdsale opens today at 2 PM London time and I will be putting some of my own money into this. Because it’s a startup and very high risk I’m putting in an amount that is equal to 1% of my net worth which is a standard investment unit for me. Under no circumstances should you copy what I’m doing here. I do not recommend you put your money into this project and am not qualified to advise you on your investments. If you independently decide to participate in this crowdsale then you have to be prepared to flush any money you put into it down the toilet. I accept that risk and am proceeding on that basis as with all ICOs. Story - Off-grid crypto mining For the record, nothing in today’s episode is sponsored in any way. I did a breaking news livestream the other day when some news came out that the Chinese authorities were about to limit access to cheap electricity for Bitcoin miners. It turned out that news wasn’t true, however it did raise awareness of a serious liability for miners which is the power grid. Coincidentally, a few days prior I started seeing ads on YouTube for this Envion project. The ad depicted a truck dropping off this container full of mining rigs right next to solar farm and then dropping another one off at a wind farm. Straight I thought OMG this is an amazing idea. Decentralising mining in terms of geography, power and ownership. The other thing that got my attention is that Envion is a token with a payout. Ding ding ding, gotta love those cash flowing assets yo. The video I’m talking about is linked right at the top of their home page so if after watching that 2.5 minute video your jaw doesn’t hit the floor I’ll be surprised. This one goes live on the 1st of December and again I’m in for 1% of my net worth on this one. For me it’s super important to remain consistent in the amounts I put into ICOs because no matter how exciting the projects or how much research I do, the principles of sound investing must be given priority to ensure long term success. Story - New feature added for Patrons I’m now posting privately hosted, ad-free versions of The Cryptoverse in the members chat group. Here is yesterday’s episode and if you can be bothered to type in the private link you can watch that episode without ads just like my patrons do. I figure Patrons are already paying me so they shouldn’t have to watch ads as well. The ad-free version is also published first meaning members get to see it before it goes public. That’s useful particularly when the information I provide is time sensitive.