MakerDao, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar – my latest thoughts on those and the market


I am concerned with maker 7% interest on compound for Dai someone borrowing Dai at 15% off REP to pay down contract on Maker. will lowering interest rate help stabalize Dai? global settlement could cause downward spiral on eth price and leave Maker itself fine. downward spiral - no bailout they need multi collateral next rally will be debt fueled. maker slow with 100 steps that need speeding up Bakkt and fidelty willl not end fall. they fuel rally potter - buying kling - might be bottom, not sure. different than at 6000 pain ends violently with 100% up in 5 days. BTC bottoms first not shit coins rallying - Doge and BCH BCH to zero - bitmain bankruptcy. this is good for diversification of mining. smart money says in credit crunch btc loses too. I am not sure they are as coupled as people think stock market waiting for bail out started with turkey and argentina. those were bailed out but capital shrinking elsewhere oil, FANGA, GE, DB. We are either spiraling up or spiraling down. We are now spiraling down.