LiteCoin MOONS 🌕 200% in 5 Days / Micro Raiden ⚡ Goes Live On Ethereum / Heads Up On EOS Dawn🌅 3.0


Story - LiteCoin Moons and Overtakes Dash Let’s start with a little look at the LiteCoin chart: If we use the Coinigy measuring tool over the last 5 days we get a reading of 189%. So LiteCoin has almost tripled in price over the last 5 days, from around $85 to around $240. It has completely blown the top off all its previous all time highs 4 times in the last 5 days. If we look at its position by overall market cap now, it’s back to being the 5th most capitalised coin when calculated by current coin supply. I’ve noticed a pattern that has just played out again. Every time Dash goes on a massive bull run and overtakes LiteCoin in the rankings, shortly after that LiteCoin goes on a bull run and puts Dash back in its place. That would be Dash in 7th place right now with a 6b market cap vs LiteCoin’s $13b market cap, more than double. LiteCoin today ranks as the 5th most popular blockchain by transactional volume, with a daily transaction volume of 71,500. Although that is likely to have spiked recently as people deposit and withdraw LiteCoin from exchanges to take advantage of the price movements. Charlie Lee did appear on CNBC Squawk yesterday so maybe that raised some awareness for LiteCoin. I was looking at my portfolio and I loaded up on LiteCoin on the 4th of May, which puts that position up 732% today. After Valve’s recent removal of Bitcoin as a payment method on their platform, BitRefill have stepped in to allow people to buy Steam gift vouchers with LiteCoin which can then be instantly redeemed for games on the Steam Platform. Now we just need to take LiteCoin directly. Story - Micro Raiden Goes Live Yesterday we spoke about the first ever Lightning transactions on the main Bitcoin network, today we’re talking about the launch of Micro Raiden on the live Ethereum network. Raiden is the Japanese word for Lightning, so as its name suggests it’s the Lightning network but for Ethereum. The goal being to enable instant transactions that cost almost nothing in fees. Micro Raiden is a component of the larger Raiden project, the micro part is for micro transactions, no surprise there. The snag here is that the Raiden network is designed to move around their RDN based Ethereum tokens, rather than the Ethereum core asset which is Ether. This differs from the Lightning network which will be moving the native Bitcoin around on the network, which I think is simpler and therefore better. When I heard this news I did what I normally do which is attempt to experiment with it myself, although so far I’ve not been able to find any live examples I can play with. All I could find were some code examples of GitHub: If you have the skills you can run these yourself. Then in this article from BTC Manager: It says Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, stated in a speech last month ( that while Raiden and similar technologies were useful, they were outside of what he considered Ethereum’s true long term goals should be. He went on to say he would prefer an on-chain scaling solution like sharding, which splits the blockchains up into multiple threads. One of the criticisms of the Ethereum community is how much importance people place on what Vitalik says, being the creator and all. This is also touted as one of the main benefits of Satoshi Nakamoto creating Bitcoin and then disappearing. Story - EOS Dawn 3.0 Coming January 2018 This is quietly tucked away in the EOS GitHub but no doubt once this is released it will hit the news. This presents the possibility of a price increase for the EOS token when the news comes out, however that’s not a recommendation to buy any. I do hold EOS tokens because I believe in the project and think it’s going to go down in history as one of the biggest, most important launches of all time. However, you should say no notice of that because I may not have a clue what I am talking about so you shouldn’t rely on anything I say about anything. I did put some more Ethereum into buy EOS when I discovered this though.