How To Invest In Ethereum – Ether Mining Backed Security #EMBS

Description To celebrate the fact that Ether, the crypto currency that powers the Ethereum Blockchain that is being used by MicroSoft, IBM and many other multi-national corporations and small startups all around the world, has now past $1bn of market capitalisation BnkToTheFuture are proud to relaunch the Ether Mining Backed Security to qualifying investors on The EMBS was a product launched last year on BnkToTheFuture that our investor community thought was before its time as we had a low take up rate. Turns out that it would have been the most profitable investment to date on BnkToTheFuture and it was the most profitable investment we made as Ether has experienced over a 300% increase in price since and jumped to $1bn market capitalisation today. We have done very well mining Ether so we wanted to bring it back to our qualifying investors now the market conditions have changed. We have put together what we believe is the easiest way to profit from the growth of the Ether sector and qualifying investors can head over to the investor page to access a video where we explain all the details. You will either need to be an existing qualifying investor on or go through the certification process when clicking on the view investor page button.