How to buy Ripple with Ethereum from Coinbase using your Phone – EASY!


This is an easier to follow step by step tutorial on how to buy Ripple/XRP using ETH from Coinbase than my previous tutorial on how to buy Ripple with Bitcoin. No need to be at your computer, you can do this on your phone assuming you setup Coinbase already. The Coinbase to Binance transaction fee for ETH was: 0.000441 Ether ($0.33) The reason why people choose Binance is to avoid the additional registration requirements that often delay a purchase of coins. If you like this, please don't forget to hit subscribe and like. Also share this on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to help others buy XRP! Please use my referral links: Coinbase Exchange: (you and I get $10 when you invest $100 or more) Binance Exchange: Ledger Nano S: Ledger Nano S Direct: If you are feeling generous, please send BTC: 17wTqesDhBaqH8D43BnYYUw9EmDC9HcBp2 As of December 25, 2017 (Merry Christmas!): 1 BTC = $14,300 on GDAX 1 XRP = $0.99 or 0.0013800 ETH How to buy Ripple: Just remember, buy the dip ;-) If you are new to Ripple, check out the right sidebar for: Follow me: Twitter: @garycruz Steemit: This video was created with MimoLive for Mac.