Ethereum Won 2017, Will Litecoin Win 2018? Microsoft and Arizona Tax Payments in Cryptocurrency


Litecoin mentioned twice regarding huge announcements this week in cryptocurrency, both Microsoft and Arizona's tax payments. Litecoin joining its big brothers, Ethereum and Bitcoin? Microsoft Blog Article referenced in video _________________________________________________________________ My personal top exchanges to use are: Binance, Bittrex and GDAX (For bank transfers) All Music Created By Me. My Soundcloud Linked Below Get $10 of free cryptocurrency when you buy with this link Any Litecoin Donations are greatly appreciated! LTC: LM6tQzg3hMjqam2TxkJj4B6dstgwnN73ws Disclaimer: The information I discuss in the videos on this channel are only the views of myself and are not to be taken as financial advice. The purpose of these videos are to promote discussion and interest in the crypto-space.