Ethereum: Two Trends Collide!


Get £50, €50 or currency equivalent on top of your deposit when you create an account with Trading 212! After your account is active, just open a chat with customer care and use promo code CRYPTO50 to claim it. Promotion ends on January 26th! Terms & Conditions apply - The video is for educational purposes only and doesn't constitute investment advice. Investments may rise and fall. Capital at risk. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s long term vs short term right now in the Ethereum market. Over the last several months we’ve seen almost exponential growth to an all-time high above 1400. But the last five or so weeks have seen a new phenomenon – a downtrend! The support levels that David is watching this week are around 750-800. It's formed by the longer-term support line that starts way back in mid-2017. The shorter term bearish trendline is formed by the highs of the last several weeks and right now stands at around the 1000 level. If and when these two lines meet it is quite likely that a solid breakout will happen.