Ethereum Trading Breakout


Trading With Support and Resistance: How to Identify and Follow Trends: Ethereum is making its 4th attempt at breaking the downtrend that started on February 1st. Right now it’s trading at $450 after staying above the trendline for about half a day and there’s definitely a bit more excitement. The level at $496 seems to be the next serious resistance line while a slide down could see the support at $387 revisited if sellers decide that they’ve had enough. Regardless, the overall crypto market seems to be surging right now but there have also been factors that have influenced Ethereum positively. Here to discuss the news driving it, as well as the support and resistance levels, is trading expert Vasil Velev who covers the Winklevoss brother’s new exchange, as well as the Golem Project, which have both brought positivity to the Ethereum community. Last but not least we take a look at the ETH/BTC pair, which has also shown signs of Ethereum strength lately.