Ethereum Surge In Value Expected $2900 (ETH) Price Prediction


My Twitter: ---------------------------------------------------------- In this video we explore the possibility of a Surge in The value of $ETH we explore the potential in the works for this Crypto and we explore the possibility of a $2,900 USD #ETH we look at the various variables surrounding this Cryptocurrency as well as the fundimental future of this technology involving smart contracts. Disclaimer this video is for entertainment purposes only! I am not a financial adviser this is not financial advice. You are responsible for your own decisions I AM NOT YOUR DAD! all that being said in my humble opinion i see a future for ETH coming in the near future possibly a BULLRUN with in sight. TEll me what you think about this technology in the comments below and remember to subscribe. TheChartGuys "Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Technical Analysis Chart 2/18/2018 by"