Ethereum on Fire, Bitcoin & Ripple Cool Off: 15 – 21 Jan, 2018


Cryptos were like Fire and Ice last week. Ethereum made high after high and was absolutely scintillating, while Bitcoin and Ripple were a bit more on the negative side (especially the latter). We have trading expert David Jones previewing this week’s critical support and resistance levels for the four main cryptocurrencies. All four of them have seen some action over the last several days but the two that stand out are Ethereum and Ripple. Ether has been on a tear and dominated the growth stats reaching over $1,300. The steady adoption of the currency based on the flexible blockchain underpinning it is proving to be a winning combination. Another sign of its strength was the canceled hard fork for EtherZero which was supposed to happen on January 18th. Ripple dominated the headlines in the last ten days and reached over $3 at one point after a massive PR effort. It’s been downhill since then with an almost 50% drop to $1.79. News of a partnership with Moneygram stopped the drop and investors in the centralised cryptocurrency are hoping it has found a solid support level from which it can go up.