Ethereum BREAKING out RIGHT NOW! $500+ coming soon…


Ethereum price JUST broke out of its pennant/ascending triangle formation, indicating much higher prices to come. $500+ is on the cards very soon. Recorded on November 23rd 2017 (11/23/17). ********************************************************* As an investor in crypto, gold and precious metals in general, I'm keenly interested in keeping up on the price and using basic technical analysis for Ethereum price prediction in 2017 and beyond. The Ethereum all time high as of making this video is $412. To stay updated yourself, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to my channel: BTC DONATION ADDRESS: 148drRW94yKZeq1TX3WzcZ8ri5ZA722stB BITCOIN ANALYSIS PLAYLIST: ALT-COIN ANALYSIS PLAYLIST: ALL PLAYLISTS: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: