Death of Net Neutrality, SEC Ethereum, Ripple Jilted by Western Union? Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news - the death of net neutrality is here, SEC makes a statement on Ethereum, Western Union isn't in love with XRP, Coinbase says US open for big investors, Ethereum empowering young Afghani girls, and EOS lives. ZEEPIN GIVEAWAY - 2500 ZPT Prize to 6 Winners Retweet Competition - Like, comment, and leave ZPT address on interview Share on Facebook Ethereum not a security But ICOs are Western Union XRP Coinbase US Open for big investors Ethereum Afghanistan Net Neutrality Ends NIghtmate for consumers EOS lives Apple Horizon State Cryptocurve Zencash Captain Kirk Bitcoin Please note this is NOT a sponsored video. RECOMMENDED EXCHANGES BINANCE KUCOIN HUOBI CRYPTOCURRENCY HARDWARE WALLETS LEDGER NANO S TREZOR MINING Get 3% off on Genesis Mining - nBiS6j CERTIFIED CRYPTOCURRENCY BROKERAGE Looking to buy or liquidate a large amount of coin? Caleb & Brown is here to help. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM MINDS STEEMIT PODCAST - find me on I-tunes "Crypto Waves" HOST- Telegram Podcast Notifications - RSS - CONTACT E-mail with business or event enquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice - please do your own research before risking your own money. Custom intro and tunes created by The Maker's Iniative - Auckland, NZ Thanks for watching; please like, subscribe, and share if you found this useful!