BtR – Ethereum Mining RX 580 vs RX 480 quick comparison.


1. If you are wondering if you should buy the RX 580 for your mining rig, right now the answer is no. It will produce similar hashrate at a much higher power consumption. *Update - if your RX 580 handles undervoltage well, you can get it to mine at the same hashrate at RX 480 while consuming similar wattage. 2. You will not be able to mine with 6 RX 580 together in Windows 10, 5 of them yes, the 6th will crash your system. Maybe in a couple of months a more mature driver will solve the issues. *Update - There are now ways to mine with RX 580/570 x6 GPUs in WIndows 10, check out Cryptomined's video on how. 3. The latest two drivers were used to test and did not make a difference in hashrate. 4. GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 4GB uses Hynix ram, while AORUS RX 580 4GB uses Elpida ram. Both cards after flashing tops at 27.3Mh/s, so don't get GIGABYTE made cards for mining. Stay with MSI, Sapphire or XFX. If we have helped you in any way with our videos please consider a crypto currency donation: BTC = 1LqpAr1dT9s5iFKFhXUW6ED5XUB6LRucK4 ETH = 0xb2B72FC97d9DE6B01F943595E16a036D4380D0E0 LTC = LZy4yz5t8Kd4bZTfBhZtc3RoEwCDF88VqP