$7,000 Ethereum Value Prediction! Could ETH Overtake BTC


In this video we explore the Value of ETH and the technology of smart contracts. Could Ethereum Be the next Bitcoin? In this video we explore the possibility of $ETH Taking the Number one spot away from $BTC in the year of 2018! we explore the technology of #ETH and the applications of smart contracts we explore the Cryptocurrency Market and the recent news involving (ETH) And (BTC) The world is adapting to the technology of crypto and block chain technology. Could $7,000 USD Ethereum Value become a reality one day. ALso disclaimer this video is for entertainment purposes only and i encourage everyone to seek your own education in respect to the world of Cryptos. Thank you for watching in the future we will see where these things go personally i have faith in ETH! Louis Thomas Video "Ethereum Flippening 2018: My Action Plan" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvXWA0RxggY