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How do you know if you are making a real difference? How do you know if you are making a real difference to people? Kathy C sent me a thanksgiving card and a gift of a blue Bitcoin T-Shirt all the way from the USA. Thank you Kathy. Story - Bank Deposits No Longer Off Limits as ECB Seeks Power to Freeze https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-14/eu-eyes-capping-deposit-withdrawals-when-banks-are-found-failing Remember recently I recommended everyone go check out Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model from The Forecaster Movie? Well we have now reached peak economic confidence. We actually reached it on the 24th of November and you can see today the crypto markets are making big gains across the board. However, this is the peak remember and Martin Armstrong’s model predicts that confidence will now begin sliding gradually towards January 2020 when it will hit bottom. When I see articles like this on Bloomgberg, it makes me think that the politicians and central bankers are also expecting a downturn. This law would prevent a bank run if customers got wind that the bank was in trouble. Since there is only a fraction of cash on hand to cover customer deposits, the integrity of the old banking system relies on everyone leaving their money in there. It’s also another reason I believe people are finding cryptocurrencies so attractive as a store of value and a way to protect their wealth from confiscation. Story - Recordings Of Devcon 3 Talks Live https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNOfzGXD_C9YMYmnefmPH0g/playlists Everything from How to use snarks, to turn key smart contracts, a talk on the 0x protocol for decentralised exchange, the list goes on. They have it all organised into several playlists so I’ll put the links to those in the video description. Story - As Bitcoin Nears $10,000 Trace Mayer’s Latest Article Is Trending On Steemit https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@tracemayer/the-great-bitcoin-bull-market-of-2017 I’ve seen a lot of people praising this article so I went ahead and read it myself. It’s comprehensive put it that way. I think the timing of this article is perfect because it acts as a good resource for people who want to understand how the continued rise of Bitcoin is possible at this pace. You’d be forgiven for thinking the rise was a freak event because if we were dealing with the old financial system it would be a bit freaky. However, Bitcoin has combined money with network effects, and done so for the first time in history. When you introduce network economics not into the value of a company, but directly on to money itself, you get Bitcoin. Anyway if you have to attention span I encourage you to read this post yourself. And if you don’t have the attention span, then read the article over several sessions. But don’t rob yourself of the information. Bitcoin To Be Featured In A Cryptocurrency Themed Episode Of The Big Bang Theory Promo https://youtu.be/1j9AYtRXeFQ By the look of the trailer the story is that the characters mined some Bitcoin in the days when it was worth nothing and then discover it’s worth $5,000 a coin before forgetting where it’s stored. Market roundup - FAST https://onchainfx.com/ Winners and losers.