ETHsezun OR Which Blockchain Will Grandma Use in 2040?

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Crypto Grandma Hence the big question: which chain will grandma use in 2040 and will it be one chain? It appears where this space is concerned it has led to the desired outcome, while outside it, maybe there’s too much deafness still. Eth as you know was first meant for bitcoin but there they didn’t want it, so bitcoin probably can’t incorporate smart contracts probably during this whole decade. You can probably guess what our answer is as things stand, and while some claim some other blockchain could take ethereum – including govchains – they’d need a breakthrough which ethereum can’t incorporate. As the above cited example shows in regards to some devs being fired, when eth suffers, ethereum devs suffer too because their income comes from eth.

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“Disbelief: the feeling of not being able to believe that something is true or real; 2) the refusal to believe that something is true.”

After waiting for two years, plenty are looking at the current eth price action with skepticism, expecting temporary relief before more of the same.

Not least because the price of $230 looks like meh. At $300 it still would be meh, even at $600.

That’s because plenty are underwater. Down 90%, a 5% increase is hardly a party.

But there are the new ones for whom it’s not a 5% increase, but a doubling or even a trippling from $80.

It is probable those are so few right now that they might not exist at all, hence the disbelief.

This isn’t going up. For most, they’re just a bit less in the red. The spartans that is, the iron hands.

The same can’t quite be said for bitcoin. There, it never really felt like a bear. That’s shown by the hashrate only rising and rising.

In eth, the...

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