Aspiring Google Competitor Claims Half a Billion Tokenized Searches

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Yeah, right now, the main value is earning crypto when you search, and being able to customize your own search engine. Users receive 0.25 PRE tokens per search, which is about a penny with a PRE token currently worth about 4 cent. We are still exploring the potential tech to build a functional decentralized search index, which is certainly not trivial. So I suppose that’s the main selling point rather than creating your own better search engine? So there have been 400 million searches?

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Presearch, a new start-up that uses a tokenized business model to provide a better than free search experience says about 500 million searches have been undertaken in over a year.

One million people have signed up to the platform, with 100 million Presearch tokens (PRE) given out so far according to Colin Pape (pictured), Presearch founder who previously launched community commerce platform ShopCity.

Right now much is at the very early stages. The front-page for example allows you to choose your search provider, say Google, with it then actually redirecting you to Google.

Your ability to choose a search provider from Presearch, say Etherscan or Linkedin, is the main functionality so far, with ambitions to gradually develop their own decentralized search engine as we detailed back in 2017 when they raised about $7 million...

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