Parity’s Gavin Wood Says Ethereum’s Biggest Holder “Became the Darth Vader”

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In an interview around that time Wood said some made more money than others with Wood giving a vibe of dissatisfaction. No where near it in reality, but time to recognize Wood pretty much hates ethereum’s biggest proponent and therefore his team has no business in eth just as Hoskinson’s team doesn’t. The interoperability bridges will “be released as they become ready,” Wood said. “It’s important to realize that it could get worse. Writing this November 2018, Pachner says: “After Miami, the team registered Ethereum Switzerland GmbH in Zug, Switzerland, a country with relatively permissive laws regarding cryptocurrencies. If Parity Tech wished to compete fairly, they’d spin off the Parity client under a structure that is independent of Polkadot.

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“I believe in the harmony this community can create,” Aya Miyaguchi (pictured embracing Gavin Wood), Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation, said in a statement where she argued against “any maximalist approach” and where she said ethereum has more in common with polkadot (sort of an ethereum 2.0 copy clone) than differences.

This is in the context of a debate on whether there should be a clean split between ethereum and polkadot personnel where it concerns leadership positions, including to the level of a moderator.

Miyaguchi is somewhat new to ethereum leadership, joining after she left Kraken last year. As an aside, her leadership has been non-existent as far as the public can see.

Her communication skills are shown very well by the fact she choose to make a statement by attaching an image to a tweet, so we can’t even copy paste a paragraph to quote.

It is that lack of...

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