Ethermine Almost Calls ETH Dev a Shill

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That’s because ProgPoW asics will obviously be developed, but this time they’ll keep it secret and they won’t offer them to the public. The etherminer subreddit, moreover, which is making these accusations against an eth dev, appears to be quite an interesting place. Why should the current GPU miners/farms be favored when clearly they have no loyalty to eth as they can switch as they please, instead of eth specific mining gear investors? If they are bricked, how much would Nicehash renting cost to 51% attack eth? Eth devs are mainly protocol devs with perhaps some mining experience, but no where near the level of someone whose day job is mining efficiency because eth devs’ day job is protocol development.

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It has barely been two days into a debate over a proposed algorithmic change of ethereum’s Proof of Work (PoW) and already questions of who is paying who are flying about.

This time, however, is by a representative of ethereum’s biggest mining pool, ethermine, who, speaking to Afri Schoedon of Parity, says:

“It is kind of interesting that suddenly, after meeting with Linzhi you are all of the sudden strongly against ProgPoW & help distribute all related FUD going currently around. This strongly looks like successful lobbing by asic manufacturers.”

The ethermine rep then links to a post which claims Schoedon is “colluding with ASIC manufacturer” after Schoedon publicly...

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