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Blockchain technology allows counterparts and organizations to record transactions on a decentralized permanent ledger that are immutable and transparent. The most important stories of this day in the most indicative quotes are below! 1. The Bitcoin trader claimed that a “drug-infused” cloth was used to cover his face, causing him to pass out. UPS AND DOWNS (Market Watch) Bitcoin trades higher, but struggles to stay at $4,000 Cryptocurrency prices are trading mostly higher on Tuesday, looking to claw back some of the ground lost on Monday. Despite the downward trend for the Bitcoin price, which has dragged the cryptocurrency market down by some $700 billion since the beginning of 2018, Argo has said demand for its products and services has remained robust.

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South African man hands thugs $60K in Bitcoin after heinous torturing

A man from South Africa was purportedly attacked for his Bitcoin by someone he met on Facebook, according to local news outlet, the Soweto Urban.The man, known as Andrew, was lured to give a presentation about Bitcoin in Ntuli Street in Meadowlands Zone Five, the report states.

It appears Andrew was drugged shortly after entering the premises to give his...

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