At Bitcoin Cash Birthday Bash, Crypto Embraces the Strange

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Unveiled via a retro "Streetfighter" video during the event, the new bitcoin cash logo attempts to hammer home the message that the bitcoin name should be reclaimed, with a fighter using a samurai sword to cut the "cash" part of the project's logo to reveal tagline that concludes: "... because bitcoin cash is bitcoin." "In the developed world it's going to happen through applications being built on top of the bitcoin cash platform." For example, bitcoin cash seems to be emerging as a popular choice with a lot of "fun" users, White told CoinDesk. But now, those projects are popping back up, on bitcoin cash. Asked specifically about how bitcoin cash will entice merchants to adopt bitcoin cash, Ayre said there is a merchant program afoot with direct sales people educating large merchants.

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Amid a floorshow of acrobats, cross-dressers and samurai dwarves, gambling pioneer turned cryptocurrency advocate Calvin Ayre boomed, "This is a great moment in the history of money."

It might sound a bit nonsensical, but it was far from fiction at a bitcoin cash birthday party in London last week, where a circus-meets-gypsy-themed party gathered the cryptocurrency's local enthusiasts in celebration of the one-year anniversary of its first block.

As the party proved, the block was a big one – not just in its 8 MB size, but for the crypto history books, so much so that a year later the memory of its birth remains.

So, too, however, does the controversy around the project, which while still one of the world's largest (securing $10.2 billion in value), continues to have an acrimonious relationship with those backing the blockchain from which it split.


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