Running Up That Hill: Here Are All Members of Congress Involved in Crypto

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Representative Bill Huizenga, R-MI“The SEC is properly the lead on the issue.”Congressman Huizenga acts as a Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets. Committees: Financial Services.Future prospects: Williams will be seeking reelection in November 2018 in a solidly Republican district. Committees: Financial Services.Future prospects: Cleaver will seek reelection in November 2018 in a district that looks solidly Democratic. Committees: Armed Services, Budget.Future prospects: Will face reelection in November 2018 in a safely Democratic district, under a top-two primary system. Congressman Emmer is a member of the US House Financial Services Committee.Future prospects: Emmer will seek reelection in November 2018 in a district that looks solidly Republican.

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While lawmakers in the increasing number of statehouses are putting forward legislative initiatives that are nothing short of Blockchain-friendly (think Arizona, Wyoming or Georgia), federal policy architects on the Capitol Hill prefer to move one cautious step by another.

The month of February, however, has seen Congress finally take issue at heart and favorably incline their collective legislative ear to the SEC’s Jay Clayton’s and the CFTC’s J. Christopher Giancarlo’s crypto testimonies. Not only the landmark...

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